How to host a cheese and wine party: Before rushing out to buy your cheese and wine, you will need to decide on a few fundamental elements to successfully pull off a cheese and wine party.

  • Firstly decide on how many people you are catering for. One person will easily consume up to 180g of cheese and drink on average up to a half a bottle of wine in an evening.
  • Your budget, are you planning on spending a tiny fortune on personally selected exclusive wines and imported cheese, or are you looking at more of an elaborate spread of local cheese, toppings and preserves, paired with your favourite ‘plonk’?
  • Decide what type of setting you wish to portray, outdoor casual, intimate dinner or formal?
  • Know your basic rules of cheese and wine pairing

Creating Your Perfect Cheese Platter

Wanting to create a perfect cheese platter, that’s simple, fun and ‘oh so tasty’? Whether it’s an after dinner snack or an elaborate cheese and wine party, these helpful tips will enable you to create a wonderfully (Read More……….)

The essential wine collection

A cheese platter would not be complete without an accompaniment of some gorgeous South African wine? The selection of wines available these days is mind boggling, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different or unusual wine blends. Turn it into a fun night in and have your own little wine tasting ahead of time to select the wines you want for your platter, it’s a tough job, but Read More……….