Vivre pour manger ou manger pour vivre (live to eat or eat to live)?’ ask the French. It’s a rhetorical question of course – for this great foodie nation, food is nothing short of glorious. More than mere sustenance for the body, food sustains the mind and soul, as well. Here at South African Foodies, we tend to agree!

Why Do We Love Food So Much?

There’s something quite sublime about eating a really delicious, truly nutritious meal, shared with family and friends and washed down with plenty of love and laughter. Simply put, eating good, honest food – like a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise or a hearty soup with a chunk of freshly baked bread – makes us happy…and healthier, too. In fact, eating three square meals a day, in a social context – as the French and Italians do – is actually kinder on the waistline than grazing throughout the day. All the more reason to be a foodie!

What is a Foodie?

A foodie is someone with an ardent love for and an interest in food, and who experiences food as a pleasurable hobby. That’s where South African Foodies comes in –we’re a good food website dedicated to sharing our love for all things food. South African Foodies offers you – the passionate foodie – advice and info about healthy eating, catering, entertaining, cooking techniques and more. With Foodies, you can:

  • Discover what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner – browse our recipes and menu ideas
  • Find caterers for that special occasion or big event
  • Equip yourself with culinary skills to wow your dinner party guests – check out our directory of cooking schools and courses
  • Learn about cooking traditions from around the globe – French food, Italian food, Chinese food, Mexican food, Indian food, South African food and many, many others!
  • Make food your career – take a look at chefs schools in your area
  • Get inspired with food and entertaining ideas.

Eat, Pray, Love

Loving food does not mean bingeing on empty calories, just as loving yourself does not mean starving your body to reach some notion of the ideal body. Loving food is about embracing the slow food revolution, knowing how to a cook healthy meal and relishing the pleasure of good food. We say cheers to that,and bon appetit!